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Province of Ilocos Sur

Infrastructure, Politics, and Lifestyle

 PNP presents Nearly 2,000 Drug Surrenderees to Gov. Singson

The Ilocos Sur Police Provincial Office presented to Governor Ryan Singson the one thousand eight hundred forty one (1,841) suspected drug pushers and users who voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. Weeks after President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office and vowed to go after all the personalities involved in drug trade in the country, the police and local officials of the province joined hands in carrying out the tough anti-drug program. The implementation of the Oplan Tokhang resulted to the surrender of nearly two thousand suspected drug pushers and users from the different towns in the province. They turned in themselves to their Municipal Police Stations and signed an affidavit that they will not use or peddle illegal drugs again. Governor Ryan Singson said that the anti-illegal drug campaign of Duterte Administration is very effective. In support to this, the provincial government of Ilocos Sur is coordinating with the Department of Health for the construction of rehabilitation centers and with the TESDA to provide livelihood to the surrenderees. Moreover, Gov. Singson initiated the strengthening of the Ilocos Sur Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council or ISPADA with the help of the Local Government Units. “The tough anti-drug program is effective. A lot of drug users and peddles are now coming out and this is a good indication that the campaign initiated by no less than the President will surely clean our country from illegal drug infestation. Congratulations to President Duterte”, Gov. Ryan added. Those who turned in themselves at the police stations will be given counselling, livelihood training and undergo rehabilitation, if needed. The PNP and the barangay officials will monitor the suspected drug pushers and users to ensure they will not go back to using illegal drugs.

Gov. Ryan inspects Burgos’ River Flood Control Project

Burgos, Ilocos Sur – Governor Ryan Singson personally inspects the river flood control project constructed in Sitio Turod, Brgy. Manaboc this town. The 150-meter length river flood control was funded by the provincial government of Ilocos Sur of 3.5 Million pesos and it was finished last October 27, 2015. The stretch of the concrete project covers the whole Sitio which was always prone to flash floods. “Agyaman kami unay kenni Gobernador Ryan Singson iti panangpondo na ti river control. Dakkel a tulong kada kami daytoy nangruna kada kami nga asideg iti waig. Agpeggad kami no adda napigsa a tudo, maanod ti kabalbalayanmi ngem ita, saan kamin nga agdandannag,” a resident said. Gov. Ryan plans to expand the project to protect not only the houses along the river but also the fields where the residents depend on living. “Flooding has been a perennial problem of the residents here that is why we immediately approved the construction of the river flood control. We are inspecting right now to see if we can extend the 150-meter project,” Gov. Ryan said. With the river flood control project, the residents of Sitio Turod, Manaboc, Burgos are now at ease and they are assured of their safety against the danger of flash floods.

PGIS funds 86-meter Spillway construction

Vigan City- The provincial Government of Ilocos Sur headed by Gov. Ryan Singson inaugurates the newly constructed spillway at Cabaroan Daya in Vigan City. The 86-meter long spillway was constructed to provide safe release of floodwaters from dams and rivers near the area. This will protect the community as well as to avoid destruction of agricultural products brought by flood waters during rainy seasons. The spillway also serves as a farm to market road for farmers and hog raisers providing an easy access for them in bringing their products to the town market. The construction of the project was funded by the Provincial Government of 1.5 million to address the perennial problem of the residents as laid down by the barangay officials in their earlier request. “We are reaching out the grass roots. As much as possible, we prioritize the construction of projects of the barangays. The Provincial Government automatically approved this project to lessen the burden of our constituents during rainy seasons and to provide our farmers a good transportation for their goods.” Gov. Ryan added. In addition, Gov. Ryan again approved outright the request of Brgy. Cabaroan Daya for the pavement of the almost 100-meter road from the spillway to the different Sitios.

River Flood Control eases qualms of Bani residents

Sta.Lucia, Ilocos Sur - The team from provincial government led by Governor Ryan Singson formally opened the newly built river flood control in Brgy. Bani in this town. The concreted project extends to about 200-meter long and is funded by the provincial government of P3 Million pesos from the RA 7171 funds. It was intended to protect the residents from the harm of flooding during rainy seasons and to prevent loss of their property especially those who maintains agricultural lands along the river bed. “As we can see, the residents really need this flood control. They are threatened every time there is disaster. This project will protect their lives and property”, said Gov. Singson. Brgy. Chairman Romeo Vilog said that the old and unfinished river flood control was destroyed during typhoon Mario in September 2014 which brought perennial problem to the community. Having now this new flood control, his constituents can already live safer and maintain a livelihood. The provincial government signifies his willingness to extend support to more development projects of Barangay Bani to serve the needs of the community.

Covered Courts Built in Second District

Santa, Ilocos Sur- The provincial government headed by Gov. Ryan Luis Singson formally inaugurates the newly built multi-purpose hall known as Governor Ryan Singson Sports Complex at Brgy. Saccuya Norte, Santa Ilocos Sur. The construction of the new covered court was funded by the provincial government to give convenience to the residents and to accommodate activities of the barangay. The building can also be utilized as post-harvest facility and evacuation center during calamities. Aside from the fund from the provincial government, the members of Balik-bayan association within the community also shared finances for the fencing of the sports complex. “This shows the good relations between the community, barangay, municipality and the provincial government. Everyone is participating and this is a good foundation to achieve a progressive and peaceful community.” Mayor Jeremy Jesus Bueno said. Meanwhile, residents of Brgy. Lesseb, Sta. Maria can now use its new covered court after the PGIS converted the open pavement into multi-purpose hall. At the same time, Gov. Ryan leads the inauguration of the new day care center in the community. “Rest assured that as I continue my term in serving the people of Ilocos Sur, I will initiate more projects that would directly benefit the people.” The residents gratefully thank the Governor for his dedication and selfless services to extend benefits for the people of Ilocos Sur.

PGIS Funded Four Multi-million worth Infra Projects

San Esteban, Ilocos Sur- The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur headed by Governor Ryan Luis Singson funded four infrastructure projects in the municipality of San Esteban through the initiative of Barangay and Municipal officials. These projects include the two multi-purpose gymnasiums located in Barangays Villa Quirino and Apatot, the bunkhouse in Barangay Bateria and slaughterhouse in Barangay San Nicolas. The multi-purpose gym was constructed to accommodate barangay activities, to store palay goods and to serve as evacuation center during calamities. The slaughterhouse was purposely built to improve the meat processing industry that could eventually lead to safe and quality products such as fresh, clean and safe meats. In addition, the bunkhouse located at the coastal area was opened to serve as a working place and rest area for the “bantay dagat” officers in performing their duties. This is to establish security within the coastal area and to protect the seas from any form of illegal activities. “These are the facilities that the people of San Esteban need in order to improve the different industry and their community as well. We are always here to support them that is why, we allotted funds for the construction of these infrastructures” Gov. Ryan Singson said. Meanwhile, the provincial government of Ilocos Sur distributed goat breeders to the residents in coastal barangays as their alternative livelihood. “This livelihood project is extended to all coastal barangays because we see how hard to live in coastal area. They only depend in one source of living. Goat raising is a good additional livelihood for them”, Gov. Ryan added. Projects and programs that would directly benefit the people has always been the priority of the provincial government.

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