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Province of Ilocos Sur

Health, Tourism, and Travel

Ilocos Sur highlights Street food Festival in Tourism month celebration

Vigan city- Food enthusiasts taste different famous variety of street foods as Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur highlights street food festival during the celebration of Tourism Month. Street food has been a favourite of almost Filipino, this leads the Provincial Tourism office in featuring street foods in the celebration of tourism month in the province. The tasty, easily available and comforting street food was all set along the Encarnacion Street at the Heritage City. Isaw (chicken or pig’s intestine), Betamax (steamed blood), kwek-kwek (quail egg), biko-biko (rice cake), and adidas (chicken feet) are some of the famous street foods serve by the exhibitors. The food was safe and hygienically prepared to ensure everyone’s health. “We serve street foods but we observe proper handling and we make sure that our exhibitor has their health permits.” Mr. Ryan Astom added. The festival makes more enjoyable through the audience participation in kwek-kwek and one day old chicken eating contest. Performers from Manila also entertain the audience by rendering lively music. “Street food serves as a comfort food for almost Filipino and most of us, if we go to a certain place always first thing that comes in our mind is to look for the place where we can eat delicious street foods, these leads us for conceptualizing Street food festival”. Gov. Ryan express. The Provincial Tourism Office also conducts extemporaneous tour guiding and bicentennial logo making contest. 1st place Jayson Frado received seven thousand pesos, 2nd place Edwin Sarona received five thousand pesos, and 3rd place John Paul Ragandap received three thousand pesos in tour guiding contest. 1st place Jayson Manuel received twenty thousand, 2nd place Canfon Mark Cadaydayen received fifteen thousand and 3rd place Aubrey Terry received ten thousand pesos in Bicentennial logo making contest. Meanwhile, Ilocos Sur will celebrate its 200 years of independence since the big Ylocos Province on the Spanish period was separated as a province from Ilocos Norte in the year 1818.

Mexican Band performs at the Ilocos Sur’s Tourist Spots

Ilocos Sur- the Mexican Band known as “Mariachi” performs and explores at the historic tourist destinations of the province of Ilocos Sur as part of their celebration of Mexican Independence. The group was brought by Mexican Ambassador Julio Camarena Villaseñor to help promote different tourist spots here and strengthen the diplomatic relationship between Mexico and Philippines through the different potentials of Ilocos Sur. The band sang and performed classic Mexican music with their guitars, violin, tambourine and accordion at the well-preserved century-old Bantay bell tower and Nuestra Señora de La Caridad Church found at Bantay - a town nearby the Heritage City of Vigan, in the famous Baluarte Zoo, in the prominent Heritage Village and in the different Museums. They also tasted the delicious Ilocano foods and delicacies. “We choose Ilocos Sur because we have the same culture and traditions which traces back during Spanish colonial times. We want to incorporate these similarities we have to promote our tourism industry.” Villaseñor added. Provincial Governor Ryan Luis Singson also takes the opportunity to invite Mexican investors to establish business in partnership with the Ilocanos for the development of economic industry in the province. “Our main goal is to boost our tourism industry and at the same time we wanted to uplift our economic industry. Investors will come and invest in our province to create employment that could lead to economic growth”, Gov. Ryan expressed. Meanwhile, Gov. Singson and Ambassador Villaseñor plans to have a Tequila Festival in the province. This festival is famous in Mexico.

Gov Ryan Signed Learning Health Agreement With DOH

San Fernando, La Union – Governor Ryan Singson signed an agreement with the Department of Health (DOH) and Zuellig Family Foundation (ZFF) together with La Union governor Francisco Emmanuel Ortega and Pangasinan governor Amado Espino for the implementation of responsive local health system. The three chief executives formally commit to become bridging leaders who will reduce health inequities in their respective provinces. This program aims to strengthen the implementation of health programs especially in areas of uplifting the welfare of the twenty million poor families in the region, increase in enrolment in Phil health, improved health care for women and children and the sustainability of health governance. Governor Ryan Singson said that health is one of his priority projects. His administration allotted funds for the improvement of health facilities and services of Ilocos Sur Provincial Hospital Gabriela Silang and the district hospitals in the province. With his commitment with DOH and ZFF, it is expected that the health inequities in the province will be met that would redound to the benefit of the poor families. “We are very willing to work hand in hand with our stakeholders and this is a good opportunity because we have partners in the provision of the health needs and benefits of our constituents”, Gov. Singson added. The health learning agreement was inked at the DOH regional office in San Fernando La Union with Assistant Secretary Myrna Cabotaje and ZFF President Ernesto Garilao in attendance.

Provincial Tourism Office prepares for World Tourism Week

Vigan City – The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur through the Provincial Tourism Office is now on its preparation for the World Tourism Week. The province will be conducting street food festival, Ilocos Sur Bicentennial logo making contest and extemporaneous tour guiding, Abel Yloco fashion show and tourism appreciation night, and street party. “We came up with these new set of activities to focus more on what the province can offer and everyone will be able to feel that they are a part of these,” Tourism Officer Mr. Ryan Astom expressed. Contenders in the extemporaneous tour guiding contest should be familiarized and abreast of information regarding the different tourist spots and historical sites in the province. The students will also have a chance to showcase their talents in Computer Aided Drafting and Design or Auto-Cad through the Bicentennial Logo Making Contest. Also, the different artistic designs using abel iloco by our local designers will be featured through the fashion show. One night will be allotted for the recognition of efforts and initiatives by the PGIS’ partners in development. The different stakeholders who contributed in the tourism industry of the province will be acknowledged through the appreciation night activity headed by Governor Ryan Singson. “Local products will also be displayed on public. This is to advertise and introduce our OTOPS to our visitors”, Gov. Ryan added. The Tourism Office is making the best way to promote the activity to attract domestic and international tourist in joining the pleasing activities prepared by the province. The event will last for three days starting September 22 this year.

Gov. Ryan graces Ilocosurian Association of Hawaii’s 39th Anniversary

Gov. Ryan Singson is among the honored guests during the 39th foundation anniversary of the Ilocosurian Association of Hawaii held last August 2016. In his message to the officers and members of the association, he expressed his gratitude for the Association’s initiatives to help the people of Ilocos Sur specifically in terms of health and education. The Ilocosurian offers a scholarship grants to Ilocanos who are willing to study in college in Hawaii. Apart from this, the group also conducts free medical and surgical missions in the different parts of the province. The Association through its officers pledged to extend more hand in the improvement of the Provincial Hospital Gabriela Silang and for the procurement of advance medical equipment. They will also expand the scholarship grants to Ilocano students, not just for those who will study abroad but also to those deserving students of Ilocos Sur Community College. As a counterpart of the provincial government, Gov. Ryan said, the PGIS will help in the renovation and improvement of the infrastructure project of the Association in front of the Syquia Mansion. They will be putting up a museum with rooms to serve as homestay to the balikbayans. “We will talk to the National Government Agencies concerned regarding this project so that we can also extend our help to the Ilocosurian Association of Hawaii for their project in our province” Gov. Ryan said. In this event, Gov. Ryan invited all the Ilocanos living abroad not only those in Hawaii to come home and be part of the biggest celebration of the Province in its 200th Foundation Anniversary on 2018. A Global Reunion will be organized by the PGIS to involve all the Ilocosurians living abroad. “They are all excited. As early as now, they are already booking their airline tickets. We are very eager to be partners with them especially to their social programs,” Gov. Ryan added. Gov. Ryan believes that through the smooth relations between the PGIS and the Association, they may come up with more programs that will benefit the people of Ilocos Sur.

Ilocos Sur Acting Inmates stage “Misericordia”

If there is “Cebu Dancing Inmates”, in the province of Ilocos Sur there is now “Ilocos Sur Acting Inmates”. The Ilocos Sur Provincial Jail (ISPJ) showcases the talents of the selected prisoners as they perform in the stage play called “Misericordia”. The play was initiated by Gov. Ryan Singson through the help of Immaculate Conception School of Theology, Christ the King Parish in Bantay Ilocos Sur and it was written and directed by Angelo Aurelio. Misericordia means mercy. The play depicts the life of every individual especially the prisoners. Inmates who played the main characters did their best to deliver the play pleasantly to the viewers. “I did not expect that our inmates have these amazing talents, they act like a professional stage play actors and actresses. If Cebu has dancing inmates, here in Ilocos Sur, we have the acting inmates”. Gov. Ryan expressed. The stage play runs in 50 minutes. The production took two months to train the performers. The play has an approach of zarzuela to impart the Ilocano traditional arts. “Through the process of immersion in the development and rehabilitation of inmates, the play exemplifies the powerful role of theatre as catalyst for change”, said Mr. Aurelio. This is the first performance of the Ilocos Sur Acting inmates which lasts for three days, from June 24-26, 2016 and also serves as the official launching of the ISPJ Theatre. It is expected that there are more performances to be staged by these talented inmates. “We are thankful to the provincial government for bringing this endeavour to ISPJ. This will help a lot in boosting the morale of our inmates” Raymond Tabios, Provincial Jail Warden said. The inmates express their heartfelt gratitude to the Provincial Government for trusting what they can do even if they are facing different serious criminal cases. They end the play with teary eyes, believing that every one of them deserves a chance to correct their mistakes and be freed from the bars.

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