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Province of Ilocos Sur

Health, Tourism, and Travel

2016 Kannawidan festival opens

Vigan City – the 2016 Kannawidan Ylocos festival of the province of Ilocos Sur formally opened on January 29 at the Quirino Stadium in Bantay, Ilocos Sur, until February 13 at Candon City. The festivity features the heritage culture of the province which dates back two centuries ago. Government Ryan Luis V. Singson said the street dancing and showdown of the product of the 22 towns of the province marked the festivities. This is the first time the Ilocos Sur held Street Dancing as one of the highlights of the activities. Kannawidan is an Ilocano term meaning feast of rich heritage and culture. It marks the 198th foundation of Ilocos Sur, which separated the province from Ilocos Norte by a Royal Decree on February 2, 1818. The other activities for the festival includes the boodle fight, a ritual followed by the presentation of Ilocano traditions spiced with sports events, the Miss Saniata 2016, Mass and procession at the Saint Paul Cathedral, fireworks display, and the grand finals of the Siglat Ilocandia (search for talented Ilocanos), motor show, concerts, search for the biggest agriculture products and livestock, quiz, bee, poetry writing, cook fest, fashion show and comedy night, and many more.

British Ambassador Visits Ilocos Sur

The provincial government of Ilocos Sur gave a warm welcome to Ambassador Asif Ahmad from the British embassy for visiting the province to establish business partnership with the province. Ambassador Asif Ahmad chooses Ilocos Sur as one of many provinces in the country because he sees a big potential of the province in the field of tourism and business trades with his country. According to him, Ilocos Sur has a rich preserved culture and unique tourist destinations. Different products and cuisines from the province also satisfy the tourists. This is one of the many reasons why visitors from inside and outside the Philippines choose to spend their vacation here. These scenarios gave him an idea to promote businesses with the Ilocano people. Ambassador Ahmad also perceives the important of an International Airport in the province to provide easy access and efficient exportation of goods to other countries. “In Thailand, their big problem in promoting their products is transportation. They spend lots of time in traveling their goods to other countries. In your province, you have an airport and this must be developed so that within 48 hours your products are already in the market of different countries. This also preserves the good quality of your goods”. Ahmad added. Vice Governor Deogracias Victor “DV” Savellano also accompanied Ambassador Ahmad in visiting the tourist destinations within the vicinity of Vigan City. “We are lucky because this business partnership is a great opportunity to our people not only for big business industries but also for the small entrepreneurs.” V-Gov. Savellano said. The provincial government is taking advantage for business partnerships introduced by different countries to promote economic growth and for the Ilocanos to be known internationally.

DOH, PGIS Builds New Health Center

San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur- The Department of Health (DOH) and the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur headed by Governor Ryan Luis Singson formally opened to the public the municipal health center at San Ildefonso. The municipal health center was also known as “lying in clinic” and has the capability to treat first level of care. The structure was built in a modern design and it was located in a conducive and well-ventilated area, filled with new and modernized facilities to make every patient properly handled, safe and secured. The center looks like an expensive structure but the administration charges each patient cheaper compared to the fees in the hospitals. Likewise, they guarantee to render a good and friendly service to promote a harmonious relationship between the government and its people. “This only shows that the officers in this municipality are performing their duties. San Ildefonso belongs to fifth class municipality but it can produce competitive facilities to cater the needs of its constituents.” Gov. Ryan said. Vice governor Deogracias Victor “DV” Savellano plans to expand the rooms of the center to accommodate also the patients from the nearby towns. The provincial government and DOH guaranteed to provide Health centers to all municipalities to improve the health of the community people.

Russian Ambassador Visits Ilocos Sur

Governor Ryan Singson welcomes Ambassador Igor Khovaev of Russia as he and his staff visits Ilocos Sur on December 7, 2015. Igor’s courtesy call with the governor extends to half a day as they enjoyed visiting the different tourist destinations. Gov. Singson shows to the Ambassador the newly built and opened national museum where the history of Ilocos Sur and the different Ilocano heroes are preserved. The short tour extends to the Pagburnayan where they meet Fidel Go, a native of Vigan and awarded as National Artist; to the Safari Gallery of former governor Luis Chavit Singson and lastly to the Sequia Mansion, one of the famous houses where first Ilocano President Elpidio Quirino stayed. The visitors also taste the Ilocano specialty foods such as the Vigan longganisa, poqui-poqui, pinakbet and bagnet. “They came here to see the possibilities where we can be trade partners with Russia. We let them see the different destinations because tourism is one of our potentials that could help in making their plan possible”, Gov. Ryan Singson said. Ambassador Igor Khovaeh is purposely visiting provinces to scout for possible tourism and business trades with his country. He sees the province of Ilocos Sur as a place with a tangible tourism potential. “I am impressed with my visit in your province, I see a big potential for cooperation of the two countries through your province especially in the aspect of tourism”, Ambassador Igor Khovaeh said. The provincial government is looking forward for another key for development through the visit of Ambassador Igor.

 Zombie Run Thrilled Hundreds of Runners

Vigan city- The Provincial Tourism Office headed by Gov. Ryan Singson held the Zombie Out Run Season 3 in the celebration of Halloween. Seven hundred fifty runners came from the different municipalities in the province joined the fearful yet entertaining activity. The 5-Kilometer track started and ended in front of the Provincial Capitol. Each runner got three life flags. These flags are taken from them by the zombies positioned on the street. The runner who had the most life flags at the end of the line was declared as winner. The activity was composed of men and women category. The first three winners in each category received five thousand pesos, three thousand pesos and one thousand five hundred pesos. All other participating runners received certificate. “I am happy to see the large number of participating runners. We will be holding this kind of activity yearly to entertain the people of Ilocos Sur and to attract more tourists to visit our province during Halloween.” Gov. Ryan said. Meanwhile, the Provincial Tourism Office became the tourist attraction in the celebration of Halloween after it opened the first horror house in the province. It became a blockbuster after a large number of residents and tourists from different places came to visit the house full of monster, ghost and fearful creations. “This is the first horror house in the province and we didn’t expect that this event will be patronized by hundreds of people. Since it was opened, countless curious people came to see what’s inside the house.” Provincial Tourism Officer Ryan Astom said.

Santa House Excites Christmas in Ilocos Sur

The children feel that Santa Claus is coming to town with this colorful house of Santa built in front of the provincial capitol. It was designed as bungalow full of colored Christmas lights that shine at night. And in the inside, it is full of presents and kids’ toys. You can also see the different life sized Santa Claus and a Belen on the other side. In another corner, there’s a greeting area where children can write their Christmas wishes. This year’s Christmas theme reflects the importance of a family. There’s no happier moment than celebrating Christmas together. The public is waiting every year for the lighting of the giant Christmas tree, but this time, the provincial government crafts another stunning decoration other than the giant Christmas tree that makes the capitol façade more attractive  “We changed the theme this year to remind us all the importance of a family. This House of Santa represents one roof where a family stays together to celebrate Christmas. The Belen also represents that God is the center of the celebration of each family” Governor Ryan Singson said. The house of Santa is formally opened to public on November 15, 2016. People flocked to witness the lighting ceremony including the setting alight of the giant Christmas tree. This now serves as tourist attraction especially during night time where the scenic view can be glanced because of the beautiful Christmas lights around it.

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