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Province of Ilocos Sur

Agriculture, Fisheries and Livelihood

Ilocos Sur receives “Gawad Pagkilala” Award

The provincial government of Ilocos Sur was awarded with “Gawad Pagkilala” from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources during the awarding ceremony held at the Philippine Coconut Authority Office in Diliman, Quezon City on October 21, 2016. The award is in recognition of the province’s efficient and effective implementation of fishery development programs such as the strictly implementation of anti-illegal fishing, provision of fishing paraphernalia to the fisher folks, conduct of trainings and provision of different livelihood to coastal barangays. The provincial government sees the needs of the people living in the coastal areas who are dependent on fishing that is why one of the priority projects of Governor Singson’s administration is to improve fishery production and uplift the life of the fishermen. He believes that this attainment of award was made possible through the concerted efforts of PGIS, stakeholders and the different fishermen association. “I thank all our fisher folks for supporting our projects in the implementation of aquaculture development in our province. We received such award because of their efforts and cooperation.” Gov. Ryan expressed. Provincial Agriculturist Constante Botacion received the award from BFAR in behalf of Governor Ryan Singson. Ilocos Sur was the only provincial government awardee. The two other awardees are both municipalities.

Ilocos Sur is Back To Back National Corn Achiever

For the second time in a row, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur under the leadership of Governor Ryan Singson was adjudged as outstanding province under the National Quality Corn Achievers Award 2016. Ilocos Sur was awarded by the Department of Agriculture during the 4th National Quality Corn Achievers Awarding Ceremony held at The Farm, Koronadal City, South Cotabato on November 16, 2016. The Municipality of Sta. Maria was also a grand slam awardee for the municipal category. Provincial Agriculturist Constante Botacion was again honored as outstanding provincial agriculturist of the Philippines and Oscar Tobia as outstanding provincial corn coordinator. Along with them were Grace Cardona and Diosdado Mendoza of Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur as outstanding municipal agriculturist and outstanding municipal corn coordinator respectively, while agricultural technologists Ronan Tumbaga of Bantay and Oliver Quidangen of Burgos, Ilocos Sur were recognized as outstanding agricultural extension workers. The province was awarded the same title last year at Clark, Pampanga for having an outstanding high grade corn produce with an average yield increment of 2.24 %. This year, in the random sampling made by the evaluators from the DA, the quality of the corn produce in the province is premium grade. Gov Ryan said that this back to back award is a great achievement which was realized through the strong support of the provincial government, the Department of Agriculture and the Local Government Units and also not to discount the great performance demonstrated by the farmer's sector. His administration has initiated different programs since he assumed office to increase the production and raise the quality of corn seeds planted in farmlands. These include production support, provision of farm implements, irrigation and water system, farm machinery extension and training support, and even marketing support that lead to high quality corn produce. “This is again a success of our province but it is also a challenge to us on how to sustain and even improve the corn industry. The cash prize we received last year will aid the farmers in their post-production through the purchased hauling trucks. This year’s award will again be allotted to them but we will let our farmers decide of the kind of projects that would benefit them.” Gov. Ryan added. A plaque was given to the Province aside from the three million pesos cash prize handed by the Department of Agriculture National Officials.

PGIS accepts Brown4 Good Challenge

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur headed by Governor Ryan Singson accepted the Brown4 Good Challenge of the Department of Agriculture in celebration of Rice awareness month with a theme “Be RICEponsible in your own way”. In participation, the PGIS employees and pupils together with their teacher of Burgos East Elementary School ate brown rice together in a boodle fight at the provincial capitol grounds. Before eating, they took selfies and immediately uploaded to social media with a hash tag Brown4 good and hash tag Region 1. This year, the Department of Agriculture highlights the production and consumption of brown rice to help the farmers increase their income and to contribute to rice self-sufficiency in our country. The Philippine Rice Research Institute started to promote the consumption of brown rice last September 23 this year through simply taking pictures while eating brown rice and uploading it to social media with a hash tag Brown4 good hash tag Region 1. Every hash tag is equivalent to 100 grams of brown rice to be donated to poor families in the country. “We can say that it benefits the farmers because brown rice has a higher milling recovery compared to white rice. Brown rice has 75 percent milling recovery while polished rice has only 65 percent.” Mr. Constante Botacion, Provincial Agriculturist said. Brown rice has a higher dietary values compared to white rice. It also helps reduce the risk for type II diabetes. National Rice Awareness Month is celebrated every November pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 524, s.2004.

How to protect marine lives

Species living underwater are getting dangerous due to abusive human activities. Large portion of bodies of water are no longer safe for marine species. Coral reefs which serves as marine sanctuary are deteriorating due to illegal fishing and dangerous chemical dumped in the bodies of water. As a result, habitants under water are at risked. Their sources of food are affected and some of them are even suffering from physical injuries and often migrate from place to another to protect themselves from danger. To preserve the lives of marine species especially the marine mammals, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region 1 conducted the 4th National Philippines Marine Mammal Stranding Network Symposium for the municipal fisheries officers in the province. All concerned agencies were gathered at Baluarte Vigan City to participate in the activity. The BFAR discussed the things to be done by the rescuers to the marine mammals that are found near seashores suffering from bad conditions. “If we have a lot of marine mammals in our areas this means that they are secured in our place “. Mr. Nestor Dumenden added. Participants are encouraged to share this information to other citizens to create awareness in preserving the lives of marine mammals. Every local government unit has a vital role in taking care of our natural resources. It starts down the line where communities should be active and oblige themselves to contribute in the preservation of our country’s wealth.

Farmers Continuously Receive Hybrid Corn Seeds

Vigan City -The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur headed by Governor Ryan Luis Singson gives out assistance to the farmers in the province in the form of hybrid corn seeds called Ryan’s Corn through the Ryan’s Corn Assistance program. The project was first launched in the year 2013. This aims to maintain quality corn production in Ilocos Sur at the same time to uplift the socio-economic sector. The milestones of this project are evident from the positive feedback of the farmers and traders. Each corn plant can produce two corn fruits and its seeds are heavier compared to ordinary corn. This time, the Provincial Agriculture Office distributed twenty two thousand two hundred twenty two (22,222) bags of Hybrid corn seeds that can be planted to 12, 500 000 hectares of land. “We increase the number of our beneficiaries. In past years, only selected farmers were given Ryan’s corn to plant but this time we see to it that all farmers in our province can have Ryan’s corn to plant in their fields.” Mr. Constante Botacion, Provincial Agriculturist added. The farmers are grateful in receiving the assistance from the Provincial Government. This will ease their burden especially in providing farm inputs. “This helps us lessen our expenses because we have free corn seeds to plant and we are also given free technical assistance to make us more efficient and productive” Mrs. Leonila Alquiza, Farmer said. The success of the Ryan’s Corn Assistance Project garnered seven awards in the 11th National Corn Congress and 3rd Quality Corn Achievers Awarding Ceremony held at Clark, Pampanga last October 22, 2015. Gov. Singson claims that this achievement is an achievement of every Ilocosurian farmers who gave their full support to make the project successful. “I’m glad for the success of our province. Because of this, investors put up a Feed Mill in our province because they see our potential. This company will help our farmers in marketing their products.” Gov. Ryan expressed.

Multi-Shredder Machine Helps Produce Organic Fertilizer

Bantay, Ilocos Sur- The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur launches the multi-shredder machine which serves as rapid composting facility and soil rejuvenation for the development of agricultural sector and for the promotion of organic farming in the province. Farmers nowadays are worrying on their agricultural products. Their harvest decreases due to the low quality of soil cause by inorganic fertilizers and consecutive cropping. On the other hand, waste pollution is rampant not only in the country but in other nations. In response to these two big concerns, the PGIS headed by Governor Ryan Luis Singson provides a machine that can address both concerns. The Provincial Government funded a multi-shredder machine that can be used to make organic fertilizer and at the same time it can produce facilities out of wastes. The machine can pulverized both biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. The pulverized biodegradable waste placed on a composting machine produces organic fertilizer. As well as pulverized non-biodegradable materials can be mixed in concrete materials to produce facilities like chairs and hallow blocks. “Our waste can solve the problems of our farmers. We can clean our environment and at the same time we can upgrade the quality of our fields”, Gov. Ryan added. These organic fertilizers will be distributed to the farmers in the province. With this, they can avoid using inorganic fertilizers which destroys the good quality of the soil and at the same time they can minimize their expenses in farming. Meanwhile, the Provincial Agriculture Office also conducts training on the operation of the composting machine for compost preparation.

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