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Province of Ilocos Sur

Agriculture, Fisheries and Livelihood

ISPJ Inmates Adopt Bio-intensive Gardening

Bantay, Ilocos Sur - Inmates of Ilocos Sur Provincial Jail initiated Bio-intensive gardening within the vicinity of the penitentiary in order to advance food security and promote a healthy living.
The Provincial Government came up with this project to make the newly built Ilocos Sur Provincial Jail sustainable for the inmates. PGIS spends a total of 5.7 million pesos a year for the food allowance of two hundred thirty inmates peg at seventy pesos a day per inmate. With the Bio-intensive gardening project, it will not only promote the health condition of the inmates but it will ensure economic viability. “This will help us minimize the expenses and also, through their products, they can be able to generate their own income. The provincial government will look for possible market of the products, we can also invite tourists to visit our ISPJ vegetable garden” Governor Ryan Singson said. The provincial agriculture office assisted the inmates in putting up the garden using organic materials such as track loads of garden soil, rice husk and chicken manure forming more than two thousand square meters wide of garden beds.

Ingenious Way of Outsmarting Mother Nature in Sallacong

“If there's a will, there's a way”. This is an important concept I have learned from a remote village I explored called Sallacong in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. Because the village residents mainly rely on farming for a living, they need to work hard to generate an income. But how about if it is summer? The field dries up prompting them to wait until the next rainy season to till the rice fields. Because of this, they have discovered a smart way of farming -- so the concept of river farming is born. Since it is summer, expect that the volume of freshwater that flows to their beautiful valley is limited. Sometimes some parts of the riverbed are exposed turning them into little islands in the middle of the river. The width of the river is narrowed because the volume of flowing water is no longer capable of flooding the river ways. So as the width of the flowing river gets narrower, the exposed riverbed expands, hence, becoming little islands.

BFAR implements BoatR Registry System

Narvacan, Ilocos Sur- The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and the Provincial Government launched the Boat Registry System or BoatR in Ilocos Sur which aims to establish a simplified and standardized national registration of fisher folks, their fishing gears, and fishing vessels. To support its aim, BFAR provided tablet for each Local Government Unit to be used in registering all these information online. This scheme helps the LGUs to protect preferential rights of subsistence of fisher folks and promote coastal conservation. “We need to protect our seas in order for us to benefit from it and also to preserve our natural resources for the next generation,” Gov. Ryan Singson said. The BoatR served as the basis in implementing National Programs on aquaculture.

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